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Exceptional Health Website

Website design and marketing strategy for internationally renowned health educator, author and keynote speaker to promote his speaking, authored books and personal counseling.

Overview:  My client's audience is comprised of people all over the world, struggling with issues such as cancer, obesity, auto-immune disease and other potentially life-threatening issues and diseases, as well as healthy people who want to remain that way.


Challenge: Design challenge was to execute a website that is relevant to his audience without looking like a health-food-oriented site, and to set it apart from other "wellness" websites, emphasizing his speaking abilities and finding a way to weave his personal photography into the site content to make it distinctive and more personalized.

Solution: My client's professional photography became a key element of the site design. This helped to separated him from the gazillion food bloggers by enhancing his unique message of health and wellness. The use of video to portray his speaking sessions helped to highlight his deep insight, intuition and knowledge of his craft as well as showcasing his humor, which blends nicely with insightful content.  Lastly, the detail included in his counseling sessions and session options, positions him as an expert and outlines his experience and expertise.
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